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The all natural Cat Litter you and your Kitty will love!

As you walk down the aisle of your local supermarket or pet store, you search for that cat litter which stands out from the crowd. You glance at the kitty litters with the enticing packaging and then think about the recyclable litters. You have already done your homework and compared cat litter reviews, online. Price, value for money, how long the kitty litter will last for, if it leaves a strong odour, and chemical-free / natural characteristics are your main concern.

You notice Kitty's Crumble kitty litter out of the corner of your eye and read the packaging. Initially the adorable kitty and natural recyclable smart-bag™ packaging hits the spot. You check the price. "Phew!" You are relieved to find it is an affordable cat litter. You compare your original research to the packaging and ingredients to find that Kitty's Crumble is an all natural cat litter; it is eco-friendly and has unbeatable odour elimination.

You place kitty's crumble cat litter in your trolley, knowing you have made the best decision for you, your cat and the environment.

Kitty's Crumble cat litter is a premium organic coir and all natural kitty litter with unbeatable odour elimination - that works naturally! It is an innovative cat litter made 100% from coir (coconut husk), an organic / natural, renewable resource. Kitty's Crumble kitty litter contains no chemicals, pesticides, silica dust, fragrances or other additives that could be unhealthy for your cat or unfriendly to the environment.

We recently surveyed a cross section of cat owners and cat breeders. Read our Cat Litter Survey to compare the results.

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